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GreenBroz interviewed by Cannabis Equipment News

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GreenBroz Interviewed by Cannabis Equipment News
The following is a transcript of the video interview above, edited for clarification.

Luke: We are the world-leader in cannabis harvesting solutions. Well, I like to tell people that we have a little bit of everything. We try to look at all the bottlenecks that have happened in the post-production process. So, we started off as a trimming company and now we're probably most well known for our flagship dry trimming machines, but we have branched out (over the years).

We have bucking machines, we have dry sifting machines, and sorting machines.

Interviewer: Where do the ideas for new equipment come from?

Luke: Some of our new equipment ideas come from other people coming up and asking us (for new solutions). Trimming was probably the most common post-production bottleneck. Where people have their product, they want to get it trimmed and they want to get it out the door.

After that, we just listen to the feedback from our customers. We try to keep the customer or client relationship really tight. They keep reaching out to us with new problems for us to solve, asking, ‘Hey, have you guys thought about automating this process?’.

That’s where the idea for a size sorting machine came from? A lot of people reached out to us with that problem. I don’t think many cultivators were thinking about how sizing their harvest could help streamline other areas of their processes. But it's something that a lot of our clients have come back and given us positive feedback on, saying ‘We do it before trimming, we have you noticed that people are even hand-trimming at a faster rate.

We do it before packaging and everyone's packaging at a faster rate’. It's one of those things that, because we brought this machine to market, their entire process has streamlined from taking weeks to just taking days. So [the Sorter] allows their smaller flower to just go to concentrates or pre-rolls (user preference), while they keep their bigger stuff for bagging and going straight to their clients.

The Sorter is a machine that allows them to customize their sizes based on what they want to do, ensuring they get the most out of their harvest. (continued below)

Interviewer: What point in the growth process are your clients? Are they starting a new facility, retrofitting an old facility, or just upgrading equipment?

Luke: It's a little bit of everything, to be honest with you. Every client that comes to GreenBroz seems to be unique in their development and where they are at in the growth cycle. I see people that have used other automated technologies in the past and are open to trying other options, including our machines, to see what's out there. Then I also have people who, this was their first step into automation and they’re just now starting to cross that bridge. So it's a little bit of both.

They all bring their own unique perspectives and it's a process of showing them that our machines are simply tools that are designed to help them make their processes better. When indoor growers are able to turn their room faster, get their product out the door and then move onto the next step, the next crop, they’re always interested in learning about that technology.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what role is automation going to play in the future of the industry?

Luke: As I said a little bit earlier, I think there are always going to be tools brought to the industry that solve bottlenecks. Solutions to help you do it at a more efficient rate, you know, and it's something that, especially with all the variations in farm sizes, everyone will be able to benefit from. Small farms will be able to remain competitive by keeping their costs down, and large farms are always looking for streamlined solutions.

That’s why we’re designing solutions for every shape and size of cultivation, so they can harvest efficiently without sacrificing the quality. After all, this is medicine for some people, foremost, so it needs to be treated with care. This plant is one of the most unique medicines out there. It's something that we want to make sure we treat right and preserve the integrity of the medicine all the way through the harvest process.

Interviewer: You said that a lot of your innovation stems from customer feedback. What are customers asking you for next?

Luke: Well, concentrates have obviously become bigger and bigger in the market, and people are always looking into developing solutions for that part of the process. There are large-scale presses, sifting machines, or bubble hash. That seems to be a popular trend you're seeing in the market.

A lot of people are starting to direct more of their crop to concentrates in comparison to flower. So we’re developing some solutions around that part of the process, in addition to the trichome extractors and rosin presses we already offer. (continued below)
Interviewer: Tell me about the tumbler. It’s used for trichome extraction, correct?

Luke: Correct, that’s our dry-sifter. That machine works great with all of the perfectly preserved trim that comes out of our dry trimmers. I tell people that instead of selling your trim off at a lower rate, you can take it all and sift out the trichomes.

Then you can get to pressing, further extracting, or whatever you want, going back to the concentrate conversation. Rosin is a much more valuable product compared to trim material, so being able to process it and turn cents into dollars is a huge advantage to any grow.

Interviewer: So, as the market leader, how does GreenBroz stay ahead of the competition?

Luke: That’s a great question and I think our latest Dry Trimmer, the Model M, is a great answer to that. We started out as a dry trimmer company, and we’ve had those machines on the market for 7 or 8 years now, but this machine is the future of dry trimming. We took all that feedback from people that we've heard over the five-plus years and put it into a new, redesigned, industry-leading machine.

By listening to the customers, asking them where we can improve, and making those adjustments, that’s how we’re able to stay a world-leader in this space. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to improve and our in-house engineering team is always on the hunt, looking for any improvement that they can make to make our products even better.

Interviewer: What brought you to this industry?

Luke: Personally, I was dealing with a stomach condition that cannabis truly helps with. And so it's something I consider a medicine-first and foremost. And if I believe it so much that I'm willing to use it as something to help me, I just thought ‘I need to get in here and help other people’.

I had some experience with sales and I came across GreenBroz. I basically had to stock the GreenBroz Sales Director until she gave me an interview. Now it’s been three years and I love it. I haven't looked back since.

Interviewer: What are your expectations for the industry as a whole over the next one to five years?

Luke: I think it's only going to continue to grow. I mean look at California, we're starting to finally get some stuff ironed out there. I’m originally from a midwest state, so every time I go back there, people are always asking me about the industry, where it's going and that type of thing, and I think it's just gonna continue to grow. I never would have thought that, three years ago, when I first got into the industry, Oklahoma and Missouri would be introducing a medical program, but here they are.

Hopefully, it will only continue to spread and federal legalization will be up next. I'm excited every time I come to one of these shows, it just seems to get bigger and bigger. The people that we meet, you see a lot of the same people, but you also see a lot of new faces. So it’s a fun industry to be a part of, and I hope it just keeps on expanding.