Cultivator Spotlight

GreenBroz Cultivator Spotlight Series

Here at GreenBroz, we are proud to interview cultivators and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our monthly interviews come from some of the cannabis industries most exciting locations and provide a behind the scenes look at what just might be the next big brand in the legal cannabis industry.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 15 ~ Outlaw Cannabis Company

SubscribeEpisode 15 of the GreenBroz Cultivator Spotlight series takes us to Monitor, Washington, where we meet the Co-Founder and General Manager of Outlaw Cannabis Company, Scott Edson. Scott discusses Outlaw’s organic cultivation methods, Outlaw’s product offerings, and how the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer has impacted their harvest process.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 14 ~ Black Crow Grow

SubscribeEpisode 14 of the GreenBroz Cultivator Spotlight series takes us to Woodburn, Oregon, where we meet the Co-Founder of Black Crow Grow. Built onto an existing and functional farm, Black Crow Grow combines the decades of farming experience with the new and exciting concept of cannabis cultivation.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 13 ~ Puffin Farm

SubscribeEpisode 13 of our Cultivator Spotlight series brings us to Puffin Farm. Located in Ellensburg, Washington, Puffin Farm is a clean green certified cultivator who only uses natural and organic materials in their harvest. Additionally, their location along the Yakima River provides perfect, natural soil for cultivation which leads to some of the best terpenes on the market today. Tune in and learn more!

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 12 ~ Annata Canapa

SubscribeEpisode 12 of our Cultivator Spotlight series features Washington-based Annata Canapa. Annata is the customer facing brand for Empyreal Cannabis, who are the behind the scenes cultivators since Washington’s vertical integration rules are limiting. Find out more by tuning into the episode!

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 11 ~ Trill Cannabis Centers

SubscribeEpisode 11 of our Cultivator Spotlight series features Trill Cannabis Centers. With multiple locations in Colorado (Denver and Boulder), Trill Cannabis Centers delivers on both the cultivation side as well as the dispensary side. Tune in and find out just what is making Trill Cannabis Centers one of the top names in the area.


Cultivator Spotlight Episode 10 ~ Mayflower Farms

SubscribeEpisode 10 of our Cultivator Spotlight series features Mayflower Farms. Located in Aurora, Colorado, Mayflower Farms is a year-round cannabis cultivation facility operating out of a 40,000+ Sq. Ft. warehouse. With the addition of Mayflower Farm’s extraction lab, they are truly taking their game to the next level.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 09 ~ The Clinic

SubscribeEpisode 09 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series features The Clinic. One of the most awarded brands and highest regarded cannabis cultivators in America, The Clinic sits down with us to share what they are doing to continue to stay atop one of America’s most rapidly developing industries.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 08 ~ WAM Oil

SubscribeEpisode 08 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series features WAM Oil, a Washington-based Co2 extraction company. Why are we interviewing an extraction company? Well, WAM Oil uses our 215 DryTrimmer to trim their in-house harvest. CEO & Founder Brendan Hamilton exclaims that the trim from the 215 Dry Trimmer has helped to produce some of the finest raw extract oil that WAM Oil has seen.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 07 ~ Forbidden Farms

SubscribeEpisode 07 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series features Forbidden Farms, a tier-3 cultivation facility in Washington State. Run by the Balduff brother (Taylor and Garrett), Forbidden Farms creates some of the finest end product we have covered so far in this series. Using a combination of outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, Forbidden Farms is surely creating a strong brand name for themselves in Washington. Tune in to find out more!

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 06 ~ OutCo Labs

SubscribeEpisode 06 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series features OutCo Labs, located in San Diego, CA. OutCo Labs is the parent company of Outliers Collective, a dispensary right here in San Diego. While there are a number of qualities that make OutCo Labs a unique company, perhaps their distinction as the first cultivator in California to partner directly with a Native American Tribe sticks out the most. Learn more by watching the full episode above!

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 05 ~ Skyline Medicinal Growers

Episode 05 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series features Skyline Medicinal GrowersSubscribe, located in Portland, Oregon. Skyline is a fully medicinal cultivation facility, operated by owner/operator Alan Penson. This is our first cultivator spotlight that features a former residential property as the cultivation facility. That is just one example of how this is one of the most unique cultivation facilities around! Tune in to find out more!

 Cultivator Spotlight Episode 04 ~ RiverRock Cannabis


Episode 04 of our ‘Cultivator Spotlight’ series takes us back to Denver, Colorado as we talk with RiverRock Cannabis. COO Jim Elftmann and Head of Production & Cultivation Patrick Early discuss the RiverRock brand, celebrity strains, and advice for newer cultivators. RiverRock is currently working with rapper Wiz Khalifa to develop a specific strain, labeled Khalifa Kush. To learn more about the RiverRock brand, visit

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 03 ~ Live Green Cannabis & Patient’s Choice

SubscribeEpisode 03 of our Cultivator Spotlight series features Live Green Cannabis & Patient’s Choice. Located in Colorada, based in Denver, Live Green Cannabis & Patient’s Choice serves both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. In a trio of interviews, we were happy to talk with Brooke Gehring, CEO of Live Green Cannabis & Patient’s Choice, as well as Dustin Seigel, Head of Cultivation, and Adam Levy, Head Trimmer.

Cultivator Spotlight Episode 02 ~ Los Suenos Farms

SubscribeIn Episode 02, we talk with Ketch DeGabrielle, Operations Manager of Los Suenos Farms. LSF is one of the largest outdoor recreational cannabis cultivation facilities in the world and Ketch has been tasked with the difficult job of figuring out best practices across the board. Ketch talks about these hurdles, as well as trimming in large volumes and how the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer has impacted Los Suenos Farms bottom line.

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Upcoming Episodes – Tentative Release Schedule

June – Trill Alternatives (CO)

July – Annata (WA)

August – Puffin Farms (WA)

September – Black Crow Growers (OR)

October – Outlaw Cannabis (WA)

November – Hash Dog (WA)

December – Cascade Growers (WA)

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