Employee Spotlights

GreenBroz Employee Spotlights

Here at GreenBroz, we’re extremely thankful and blessed to employ some of the best and brightest people around. Please check out and enjoy our ‘Employee Spotlights’, designed to provide you with a peak behind the GreenBroz curtain.

Summer Goon ~ San Diego Sales Manager

Summer Goon is our San Diego Sales Manager. Summer truly embodies the GreenBroz spirit, as she is energetic, knowledgeable, and extremely hard working. In addition to Summer’s awesome work with GreenBroz, she has been a long-standing proponent of cannabis legalization. As she says in her interview, she has always believed in the medicinal properties of cannabis, so much so that she loves working for Greenbroz because she is supporting the cultivation process for those who make the medicine available. Learn more about Summer by watching her full interview!

Keoni Gutierrez ~ Southern Oregon Sales Manager

Keoni Gutierrez is our Southern Oregon Sales Manager. Born and raised in Hawaii, Keoni now resides in Oregon where he continues to build on his 10+ years of cultivation experience. Keoni first learned about GreenBroz when he adopted the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer into his current cultivation operation. He then felt so passionate about the machine that he joined the team when the opportunity was presented! Learn more about Keoni by watching the full interview!

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Mark Williams ~ Southern Colorado Sales Manager

Mark Williams is our Southern Colorado Sales Manager. New to the team in 2016, Mark was given a large task to handle when he came on board as our Southern Colorado Sales Manager, one of the busiest territories in the legal cannabis industry. Mark is a family man who loves to work out. That is when he isn’t conducting live demos for some of the most influential cultivators in the nation. Learn more about Mark by watching the full interview above!

Aaron Bloch ~ Northern Colorado Sales Manager

Aaron Bloch is our Northern Colorado Sales Manager and one of the most seasoned GreenBroz employees on staff. Aaron has a perfect mixture of personality, kindness, and knowledge that makes him an asset to all the clients he serves. Born and raised in Colorado, few understand the Colorado trimming market like Aaron does, making him an integral part of the GreenBroz team as he works in the busiest legal cannabis state in America.

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