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At GreenBroz, both our work ethic and attention to detail are reflected in our machines. Our aim is to proudly assist America’s next great industry with the consistently best options for post-grow horticultural equipment; which is why we are so happy to see the media recognize this in us. The positive public response has even moved beyond our high-quality machines and focuses on our company’s culture as well. Check out this GreenBroz media coverage to see what those in the industry are saying about us.

The Rootd Podcast

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“GreenBroz CEO Cullen Raichart joins the rootd podcast to talk about the evolution of his company. Cullen left a 6-figure job at a Fortune 500 company to found what is now one of the largest manufacturers of automated harvesting solutions for the legal cannabis industry in the world.”

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Professional Marijuana Grower

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“Experienced cannabis cultivators understand the value of increasing efficiency during the harvesting process. They also understand that it is not worth trading quality for the convenience of automated trimmers. This is why so many experienced cannabis horticulturists are turning to GreenBroz automated harvesting products when processing a dried harvest.”

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“Cultivators hoping to produce large quantities of cannabis quickly, without sacrificing the hand-trimmed look and quality, are in luck. The engineers at GreenBroz have stepped up the harvesting game, with a gentle and quiet Commercial Dry Trimmer.”

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LA Times

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“Nearby, Cullen Raichart, 47, a San Diego inventor, stood next to his $5,000 GreenBroz machine that gently trims buds without destroying their integrity. Some purist growers won’t allow their buds anywhere near machines, but Raichart’s contraption, about the size of a small pinball machine, can process up to 30 pounds of flowers a day. It eliminates the need for trimmigrants, and can pay for itself in 24 hours. Raichart can’t keep up with demand.”

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San Diego Business Journal

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CEO Cullen Raichart discusses a number of topics, including technological gaps in the industry, how GreenBroz fills those gaps and how the days of losing time, money and manpower to ineffective solutions will soon be behind us.

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Marijuana Venture

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Growing up around the print industry, Cullen Raichart developed an early appreciation for quality machinery.

“Printing presses are exceptionally precise and very, very well built,” Raichart said. “They’re designed to last 35, 40 years and run all the time. … When your machines don’t work, you’re not working.”

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Cashinbis Media


“The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer started as an idea that really had no form. It was more like a puzzle rather than an idea. The puzzle was, “How do you make a machine that can do meticulously detailed work without sacrificing quality?” Every other trimmer currently on the market started with a different question, “How do we trim a lot of cannabis in a short period of time?”, so what you end up is a machine that do a lot of work without taking the quality of the product into mind. At GreenBroz, we asked a different question, “How do you make a machine that can trim cannabis as well as a human trimmer?”, our approach then is very different. Our concern is the final quality of the product.”

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Monster Gardens

The Monster Gardens team checks out our commercial machine.

CNBC Media

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“And GreenBroz makes a mechanical trimmer for marijuana harvesting, a completely legal machine. Co-founder Cullen Raichart pointed out it could technically be used for other purposes, but admitted he couldn’t think of another purpose for using the device besides the dry trimming of marijuana plants.”

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New Cannabis Ventures

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“Although their (GreenBroz) current product mix serves the needs of the cannabis producing community, Cullen and his team are working diligently on the manufacturing processes and product quality standards that they rightly anticipate will govern their business in the not too distant future.”

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