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rootd Ep.37 – Charles Hoch ~ Pro Snowboarder to Eyce Molds CEO

Eyce Molds CEO Talks Product Launch Charles Hoch, Founder and CEO of Eyce Molds, joins host Tim Strombel to talk about his companies development, new product launch, and his personal transition from professional snowboarder to cannabis industry entrepreneur.  For more information on Eyce, check out their site: Eyce is pumped to launch their newest product offering. Check it out here: […]

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Ep.36 – Dr. Andrew Kerklaan ~ Kerklaan Therapeutics Proven by Science

Ep.36 – Dr. Andrew Kerklaan ~ Cannabis-Based Therapeutics Proven by Science Episode 36 of the rootd podcast features Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, Founder and CEO of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics, a Canadian-based company producing some of the premiere cannabis topicals on the market. Dr. Kerklaan brings 20+ years of medical practice to this new business, whose products are triple-lab tested and proven […]

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Ep. 35 – Krista Whitley ~ Get Lucky With the Vegas Weekend Box

Ep.35 – Krista Whitley ~ Get Luck with the Vegas Weekend Box Buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight because the rootd podcast does something we’ve never done before, we ‘VIVA LAS VEGAS’. What’s that? Nevada and cannabis? Yes, the Silver State has gone the way of recreationally legal cannabis and one company is blending this new culture of legalization […]

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Ep. 31 – Cullen Raichart ~ Pt.2 The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer Hits the Market

GreenBroz CEO Talks Funding, Production, and Change Our 4-part series featuring Cullen Raichart, the Founder and CEO of GreenBroz, is a behind the scenes profile of an entrepreneur building his first business from the ground up. Throughout this series, we’ll tackle tough questions about the process and find out what it took to grow GreenBroz into a global competitor in […]

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Ep. 30 – Cullen Raichart ~ Pt.1 Building My Own American Dream

GreenBroz CEO Cullen Raichart Shares Entrepreneurial Journey Here on the rootd podcast, we pride ourselves on profiling the entrepreneurs and companies that are making the legal cannabis industry America’s next great platform for creativity. That being said, we’re beyond excited to be working with an awesome company, like GreenBroz, who has been a sponsor of the show since our first […]


Ep. 29 – Ryan Smith ~ LeafLink Connects Cannabis Cultivators with Dispensaries

LeafLink Makes Producer->Dispensary Connection Easier Than Ever Before Ryan Smith, CEO & Co-Founder of LeafLink, joins the show to explain how his company is changing the way cannabis product producers work with dispensaries.  For his efforts, Ryan was selected to Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 list in 2016. Check out the list HERE. As always, if you have any questions, […]

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Ep. 26 – Marion Mariathasan ~ Simplifying Cannabis Compliance with Simplifya

Simplifya Makes Cannabis Compliance Easier Than Ever Before Have you ever wondered how cannabis cultivators across the United States are able to maintain 100% legal compliance in a cannabis industry that is ever shifting, ever evolving? Or better yet, who is enforcing this idea of cannabis compliance and what does being compliant even mean to a cannabis company? Well, to […]

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Ep. 25 – Matei Olaru ~ Behind ‘Lift’, One of Canada’s Largest Cannabis Brands

How ‘Lift’ Became Canada’s Go-To Cannabis Brand Curious about the cannabis market in Canada? What is their medical cannabis policy and how does it compare to recreational legalization? How did ‘Lift’ become one of the largest cannabis brands in Canada? To answer these questions, we brought in Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift. Matei breaks down the current legal system in […]

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Ep. 24 – Jason Santos ~ Burn TV Combines Mainstream Entertainment with Cannabis Demographics

Burn TV Looks to Capture Cannabis Demo with Mainstream Approach Jason Santos, Founder and CEO of Burn TV, joins the show to explain how Burn TV’s upcoming launch will fill a void in the current cannabis media market. With America’s growing obsession with the emerging cannabis industry and lack of quality media outlets to support that obsession, many Americans continue to […]

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Ep. 22 – Greg Lambrecht ~ Cannabis Banking Tech & Investment Opportunities

Cannabis Banking Tech & Investment Opportunities   Ever wonder what makes for a good investment when talking about the cannabis industry? What impact are certain banking solutions having on cannabis dispensaries? When will banks finally start working with cannabis cultivators and dispensaries to solve the bank account bottleneck that is plaguing the industry? Greg Lambrecht, Founder and CEO of Single Point […]

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Ep. 21 – Mitch Kulick ~ New Breed of Cannabis Law Professional

Law Firm Offers New Approach to Cannabis Law Mitch Kulick, Co-Founder and Partner of Feuerstein Kulick, a law firm in New York, joins the show to talk about a variety of topics related to cannabis law, cannabis investing, and cannabis entrepreneurship.  Mitch comes from a varied background, which includes time working for Steep Hill Labs, one of the country’s first, and […]

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Ep. 20 – Neil Demers ~ Diego Pellicer Aims at High-End Cannabis Consumer

Diego Pellicer Opens High-End Dispensary in Colorado Episode 20 of the rootd podcast is all about the high-end cannabis experience. Neil Demers, CEO of Diego Pellicer Colorado, joins the show to talk about opening a dispensary aimed at improving the cannabis consumer experience, starting from the interaction at the dispensary. Neil brings his high level of education, which includes a […]

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Ep. 19 – Christie Strong ~ Micro-Dosing Cannabis with Kiva Confections

Micro-Dosing Cannabis with Kiva Confections Christie Strong, Marketing Communications Manager for Kiva Confections, joins the rootd podcast to share how Kiva is impacting the cannabis consumption market.  Christie brings an amazing background to her current position with Kiva, with mainstream media experience that ranges from ESPN to documentary filmmaking, among other projects.  How is Kiva changing the game? What role […]