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Ep. 20 – Neil Demers ~ Diego Pellicer Aims at High-End Cannabis Consumer

Diego Pellicer Opens High-End Dispensary in Colorado Episode 20 of the rootd podcast is all about the high-end cannabis experience. Neil Demers, CEO of Diego Pellicer Colorado, joins the show to talk about opening a dispensary aimed at improving the cannabis consumer experience, starting from the interaction at the dispensary. Neil brings his high level of education, which includes a […]

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Ep. 19 – Christie Strong ~ Micro-Dosing Cannabis with Kiva Confections

Micro-Dosing Cannabis with Kiva Confections Christie Strong, Marketing Communications Manager for Kiva Confections, joins the rootd podcast to share how Kiva is impacting the cannabis consumption market.  Christie brings an amazing background to her current position with Kiva, with mainstream media experience that ranges from ESPN to documentary filmmaking, among other projects.  How is Kiva changing the game? What role […]

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Ep. 17 – Shanel Lindsey ~ Maximize Your Cannabis With Ardent

Maximize Your Cannabis With Ardent’s Nova Decarboxylator! Ardent, a Boston-based biotech and device company founded by Shanel Lindsay, wants you to make sure you are getting the most out of your cannabis experience. Ever wondered ‘what is the difference between THC and THCa, and how does it impact the way that I consume cannabis?’ Well, Shanel and her team has […]

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Ep. 16 – Steve Gormley ~ Investing $100 Million+ Into California Cannabis

Interested in the California cannabis market? Well, episode 16 of the rootd podcast, with Tim Strombel, features 7th Point LLC CEO and Managing Partner Steve Gormley. Steve is a recognized expert in the legal cannabis industry. Published in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, US News, CBS News, World Report, Chicago Tribune, and Market Watch, among other prominent media outlets. 7th Point LLC […]

Ep12 – The Dr. Dabber Experience

Episode 12 – Pantelis Ataliots ~ The Dr. Dabber Experience Episode 12 features Pantelis Ataliotts, President of Dr. Dabber, a sleek, and innovative dabbing accessory company currently producing one of the most innovative dabbing products on the market today. Pantelis has a passion for product development and an expertise in operations. Born in Cypress, Pantelis grew up in Canada and went […]

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Ep11 – Land a Cannabis Job with Vangst

Episode 11 – Vangst President & Founder Karson Humiston Karson Humiston, Founder & President of Vangst Talent Network, shares exactly how YOU can get a job in the emerging cannabis industry. Vangst Talent Network works with both job seekers and employers to fill positions in the emerging cannabis industry. Formerly Gradujuana, Karson and the rest of the newly branded Vangst squad have a […]

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Ep8 – Pregnant Woman Sues Cannabis Giant

Pregnant Woman Sues Cannabis Giant After Firing In Ep8 – Pregnant Woman Sues Cannabis Giant After Firing, Tim Strombel sits down with Tiffany Jackson, former account manager with CMW Media, to discuss what she claims is a wrongful and discriminatory termination from her role with the company. Tiffany comes from years of successful mainstream media experience and has worked with […]

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Ep5 – Cannabis Investing & Cannabis Media

Ep5 – Cannabis Investing & Cannabis Media In Ep5 – Cannabis Investing & Cannabis Media, we talk with Alan Brochstein, Founder of 420 Investor and Founding Partner of New Cannabis Ventures. Alan is a cannabis industry mainstay and has spoken at cannabis conferences all over the country, in addition to his numerous appearances on mainstream television. Alan and rootd host Tim […]

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Ep4 – Building a Cannabis Beverage Brand

Ep4 – Building a Cannabis Beverage Brand In episode 4 of the rootd podcast, we talk with the founder of House of Jane and Jane’s Brew, cannabis industry favorite Jill Amen. The House of Jane produces some of the leading cannabis-infused products on the market today. Luckily for us, we were able to score some time will Jill so that […]

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Ep3 – Mixing MMJ Dispensaries & Delivery Tech

Ep3 – Combining MMJ Dispensaries With Delivery Technologies Ep3 brings a first on the rootd podcast as we interview two guests in one program for the first time in show history. Hua is the CEO of Meadow, a company that builds technology for the medical cannabis industry. Also joining the program is Zach Lazarus, the owner and operator of A Green […]

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Ep2 – Innovating Medical Cannabis Alternatives

Ep2 – Innovating Medical Cannabis Alternatives Host Tim Strombel sits down with Seth Yakatan, interim CEO of Kalytera, to talk about how the company is working to create a portfolio of non-psychoactive cannabinoid and endocannabinoid-like medicines that they believe will address large unmet market needs. Seth is one of a number of long-term entrepreneurs who have left mainstream business to pursue […]

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Ep1 – Millennials Building The Cannabis Industry

Ep1 – Millennials Building The Cannabis Industry In the debut of the rootd podcast, we talk with Jeffrey Zucker, President and Co-Founder of Green Lion Partners, who are all about building trusted, sustainable growth for the cannabis industry. Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience. If you want to skip around on the podcast, here is […]