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Gentle, Quick, Quiet


De Stemming & Grinding


Dry Sift Trichome Extractors

Improving Cannabis Cultivations Worldwide

For over a decade, GreenBroz has been leading the industry with automated, gentle, and cleaner post harvest equipment.

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The future is here, and it's clean.

Introducing the M1 dry trimmer, the first dry trimmer designed around clean-ability. Featuring our same patented, gentle trimming action, now in a tool-less, tension fit, single screw design. GMP and UL compliant, ready to future proof your facility.

A Cannabis Trimmer You Can Trust.

We designed our cannabis trimmers with control and clean-ability in mind. Traditional barrel trimmers shake tumble and break off your trichomes.

Our trimmers use a top-loading design with unmatched user controls, ensuring you stay in control of your product the entire time.


More Clean

Fully food safe 316 stainless steel construction enables faster cleaning, while leaving harmful plastics to our competition.

More Control

Industry leading user controls, means you decided how much your flower gets trimmed.

More Profit

See increased profits from a more consistent end product with trichomes safe and sound.

Loved By Your Favorite Brands

See why GreenBroz has been leading the cannabis industry in satisfaction and quality.

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Fully Automated

The N-Line system is a fully automated dry trimming to sorting cannabis processing line.



We saved over 1,000,000 dollars using the GreenBroz trimmer. Not to mention the time we would need to keep our product before trimming it.
- Ketch DeGabrielle

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