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GreenBroz, Inc. is The Cannabis dry trimmer company. Our approach to the problem of cannabis trimming is focused on quality first and volume second. Every other dry trimmer on the market today is a tumble and crumble machine designed with volume in mind. Our gentle rolling action provides a very tight finish without damaging your beautiful buds.

At GreenBroz, Inc. we understand that quality and finish are the most important aspect of any dry trimmer. When it comes to product finish it can make a 20% plus difference in value. That is why our dry trimmer is designed specifically not to damage your crystals. How we do that is all in our blade design.

If you are looking for a dry trimmer then it you need to look closely at the GreenBroz dry trimmer. There really is nothing else like it anywhere. Most people who purchase one of the tumble crumble dry trimmer machines regret it immediately. Those dry trimmer (tumble crumble) machines knock all the crystals off, chew up all the small buds and leave your product looking like a chicken nugget (all the same).

Buying a dry trimmer is a business decision. So the most important thing to know when making a business decision is Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is the amount of time a piece of equipment takes to pay for itself. The actual cost of equipment is really not that important because equipment purchased for a business generates money, makes you more efficient, gives you back time. To understand what the ROI is you have to know what your present costs are. Let us assume that a human dry trimmer takes 8 hr to properly trim a pound of bud. Let us also assume that said human dry trimmer earns a set rate of 150 – 200 dollars per lb. For now we will not add any ancillary costs (food, lodging, insurance, taxes) and call it a straight 150 – 200 per pound. We are also assuming that said human dry trimmer does consistent quality from start to finish (we all know that isn’t the case). Now we have a basis. A typical ROI for a piece of production equipment is 3 – 5 years. That is it takes a company typically 3-5 years to pay for that equipment. Think about your car 5-7 years. Anyway at the present labor rates above a GreenBroz, Inc. Standard Dry Trimmer will pay for itself after 35 pounds. Since it can trim up to 30 lbs in an 8hr day that means the ROI is less than 24 hrs. That is an amazing thing. Actually I challenge anyone to find a faster ROI anywhere.

Now that you know ROI the next thing to look at is quality of dry trimmer and quality of work done by said dry trimmer. It is far better to spend more for equipment that is made right and does a quality job. All the tumble crumble dry trimmer machines are the same, it is a barrel with square or rectangle blade holes it’s a good design for a clothes dryer but not so much for a dry trimmer.

The GreenBroz, Inc. Dry Trimmer is night and day different. The angle of the blade is precise to allow the gentle rolling of the buds not tumbling. The curve of the blade is designed to get every part of the bud in the most efficient possible manner. It is very easy to load just lift the lid. It is even easier to unload just open the chute…. The GreenBroz, Inc. dry trimmer is simply a superior product in every way. If its volume you want we do that too, just at a much higher standard than the competition.

When you are ready to get a dry trimmer, then become a GreenBro. Check out our contacts page if there is salesperson in your area they will be happy to give you a demo.

GreenBroz Trimmer Manual 2015