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Gentle, Quick, Quiet


De Stemming & Grinding


Dry Sift Trichome Extractors

Precision Bud Sorter

Increase Your Bag Appeal, Increase Your Brand.


The original bud sorting machine.

Increasing post harvest speed since 2015 with ultimate cannabis sorting solution.

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Simple Fast Sorting

The precision bud sorting machine speeds up the most tedious and necessary processing step for cannabis business'.


Up to 90+ Pounds Per Hour 


Programmable Digital HMI, Large Hopper, Adjustable Shelf


316 Stainless Steel, HDPE


47"H x 32"W x 109"L


3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


More Control.

Fine tune your sorting settings.

With the precision cannabis sorter you can finely tune your settings for ultimate control. From speed to size, this sorter places you and your operators in control of the output. Stop letting other machines dictate how you sort, upgrade to the precision bud sorter.

Increase Your Profits.

Automate Sorting for Increased Bag Appeal.

Sorting ensures that your product presents consistently and professionally on dispensary shelves. With the GreenBroz Precision Sorter, you achieve a level of consistency essential for shelf appeal. Our bud sorting machine makes sure your cannabis looks consistent and attractive.

Fast efficient sorting.

Deep dive into this precision bud sorter.

A Sorter For You

More Testimonials

The GreenBroz Precision Sorter is one of the most important machines in our arsenal. It is the first step in all of our packaged cannabis production and an integral tool for the purchasing of raw goods. It saves us countless hours every day.
Jake Hendrickson
Co-Founder | Lbs. Distrobution

The First Cannabis Band Sorter

Experience the Future of Cannabis Packaging and Sorting with the GreenBroz Precision Sorter. Leading the cannabis industry, this advanced bud sorter is a powerhouse in enhancing production efficiency.

Its user-friendly design and gentle handling of your harvest redefine cannabis processing. By streamlining your operations, the Precision Sorter dramatically reduces labor hours and boosts overall efficiency.

Elevate your cannabis packaging quality with the sorter's ability to quickly and precisely categorize buds into custom sizes. The intuitive, innovative open design of our cannabis sorter ensures the safety and integrity of your product, offering unrivaled visibility throughout the sorting process.

Setting a new standard in the cannabis production space. Choose the GreenBroz Precision Sorter for unmatched care, precision, and efficiency in your cannabis sorting and packaging process.

Machine Heros-06


Bud Sorter Food-Grade Stainless Steel, HDPE
Up to 1.5 Pounds Per Minute Dimensions: 47"H x 32"W x 109"L
Adjustable Conveyor Speed Power: 120VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz
Adjustable Band Speed Gross Weight: 300lbs
Adjustable Height Loading Hopper  
Adjustable Front Shelf  
Whisper Quiet Motor  
Emergency Stop Button  
HMI Digital Interface  



Cannabis Sorter FAQ

Our harvesting experts are standing by to answer all of your cannabis harvesting questions!

Looking for Parts?

Check out our online store where you'll be able to find everything you need to get your machine back into tip-top shape!

Fully Automated

The Rise-N-Sort system is a fully automated cannabis sorting system.

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