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Gentle, Quick, Quiet


De Stemming & Grinding


Dry Sift Trichome Extractors

Model G

Large Scale Cannabis Grinding Perfected.


Stay in control of your grind.

Precisely grind cannabis with total control and precision, all right at your finger tips.


Define your grind

The Model G cannabis grinder is the ideal grinding solution for your cannabis business and LP.


Up to 100+ Pounds Per Hour 


Tilt, Particle Size, Direction, Speed


316 Stainless Steel


53"H x 36"W x 50"L


3 Year Manufacturers Warranty



Grinding Chamber

Other grinders use a small grinding chamber which may lead to increased heat and friction, potency killers. Our unique extended grinding chamber design, reduces friction, heat, and increases consistency of the output grind.

More Precise.

Friction Reducing Cylinder Design.

The Model G cannabis grinder stands out from the rest with its unique design. The cylinder shape of this automatic weed grinder means it gently grinds plant material to your desired size with less friction. Other grinders mill and pulverize your plant material, but the Model Gs design and control set allows for precise grinding without over processing.

More Potent.

Sifts out Stems as it grinds.

The Model G cannabis grinder produces a more potent grind by sifting out stems with less THC content. With the Model G you can be certain that you are providing the highest quality precision ground cannabis material for your customers.

More Control.

Adjustable Tilt, Direction, Speed and Material.

The Model G weed grinder puts you in control of your grind. By fine tuning tilt for less friction, particle size for ideal plant material output, directional and speed for tuning your throughput. The Model G is the ultimate cannabis grinder for LP cannabis business who value quality above all else.

Watch it work.

Deep dive into the Model G and its precise grinding ability.

A Trimmer For Your Cultivation

More Testimonials

I'm loving both Model M trimmers that we purchased, the trim job is great, quick and quiet...and our trim is 2x as potent as it was when we were wet trimming!
Chris M.
Director of Cultivation, Bloom Montana
Smokeys Primary Logo Transparent (1)
The GreenBroz Model M has allowed us to decrease post-harvest processing costs without sacrificing the quality of our living soil grown flower. We've eliminated countless hours of contract trim labor, all while preserving trichomes and maintaining bag appeal. This machine really does pay for itself!
Nick O'Leary
Cultivation Manager Smokey's Cannabis CO.
We tried many trimmers and there is no comparison to how the Greenbroz trimmer protects the bud and gently removes the leaves. The product is indistinguishable from hand trimmed and every dispensary we sell to comments on the quality of our trimmed product.
Jarrod K
King Bloom LLC

Consistent Grind Every Time

The Model G sets the industry benchmark with its commercial-grade features, including a sizable hopper that allows for continuous operation without constant refilling. It's a time-saving asset that keeps workflow efficient and output high.

The Model G is engineered for reliability and durability, with a full stainless steel construction that can handle the demands of a busy commercial operation. Its steadfast design minimizes maintenance downtime, ensuring a relentless pace of production.

The Model G is equipped with advanced tilt control and precise particle size configurations, providing a seamless and refined user experience. Producers can expect a hassle-free process with easy-to-adjust settings that cater to varying product specifications for a diverse range of cannabis products.

The Model G large weed grinder doesn’t just perform—it outperforms, redefining what commercial entities can expect from their cannabis processing equipment.

Machine Heros_Model G - Overview


Grinder + Destemmer Food-Grade Stainless Steel
Up to 100 Pounds Per Hour Dimensions: 53"H x 36"W x 50"L
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand Power: 120VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz
Changeable Grind Filters 1/8" 5/32" 3/16"
Removable Catch Tray  
Adjustable Automatic Tilt  
Variable Speed Control  
Adjustable Front Shelf  
Whisper Quiet Motor  
Forward / Reverse Direction Control  
Emergency Stop Button  


Looking for Parts?

Check out our online store where you'll be able to find everything you need to get your machine back into tip-top shape!

Fully Automated Grinder

The Rise-N-Grind system is a fully automated grinding solution for your cannabis business.