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Gentle, Quick, Quiet


De Stemming & Grinding


Dry Sift Trichome Extractors


Designed To Be Cleaned.

45 top Half No BG

Clean and tool free.

Re-envisioned for ultimate control and clean-ability.

Front on NO BG With Bin-1

Clean and Controlled Trim

The M1 cannabis trimmer is designed to be simple to use and easy to clean trimmer on the market.


Up to 19 Pounds Per Hour 


Analog or Digital


316 Stainless Steel


41.25"L x 37.25"W  x 51"


3 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty



No Tools Needed

Tension fit for quick disassembly

The M1 leverages decades of engineering experience for a design that is held together with pure tension. Allowing you to rapidly disassemble the trimmer for cleaning.

Simply Clean

Simple design for simple cleaning

The M1 is designed to be cleaned faster. Large flat angled areas for easy wipe downs, rounded edges to reduce material build up. All without plastic or toxic metals, meaning you can clean every inch faster and more thoroughly. 



Controlled Trim

More efficient blade.

The M1 trimmer has been redesigned for increased operator usability and function. Fully re-envisioned to enhance functionally though a reduction in weight and size while increasing trimming volume.

Working With M1 0

Same hand trimmed finish.

The M1 doesn't change anything about our gentle trimming action. With the Gen 2 fin design you'll see faster trim times, as flower is more efficiently incorporated.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

The right trimmer.

The M1 comes in 3 different configurations based on your business needs.

M1 Base M1 Pro M1 GMP
Weight (lb/kg)
116 / 52
120 / 55
120 / 55
29" x 32" x 51"
29" x 32" x 51"
29" x 32" x 51"
Trim Timer
Trim Reports
Tool Free Assembly and Disassembly
Revolutionary One Screw Tension Fit Design
GMP Ready Finish

Time for an upgrade.

We took community feedback on the design of the Model M and applied it to the M1. Increasing ease of cleaning, blade efficiency, and decreasing costs.

45 top Half No BG






Up to 19 Pounds Per Hour


GMP Compliant design

Easy Clean Tension Fit Design

Tool Free Assembly and Disassembly

Food Safe 316 Stainless Steel


Analog or Digital HMI


29"L x 32"W x 51"H

Machine Cards M1 and M-02

Model M





Up to 16 Pounds Per Hour


Food Safe 316 Stainless Steel


Programmable Digital HMI


37"W x 41"L x 51"H

One screw needed.

Watch the M1 dry trimmer assembly.

Designed to be cleaned

The M1 dry cannabis trimmer was designed with two key factors in mind, clean-ability and control. Listening to community feedback we created a trimmer that focuses on being clean and being easy to use.

More control then ever before with a larger cutting area, and a clear easy to remove lid with intuitive controls. Letting you and your team setup and control trimming batches with precision your brand is known for.

Ditch the tools needed with barrel trimmers, fully disassemble the M1 dry trimmer in less then 5 minutes. The unique GMP compliant design of the M1 allows you to remove the blade in under a minute.

With 3 configurations available on the M1, there's an option that fits your facility and budget. Choose either analog or HMI inputs and select the finish to maximize control or GMP compliance.

M1 Details Image-01


Dry Trimmer Surgical Stainless Steel
Up to 19 Pounds Per Hour Dimensions: 51"H x 37.25"W x 41.25"L
Tool-Free Disassembly Power: 120VAC, 60Hz - 230VAC, 50Hz
HMI Digital User Interface GMP Compliant Design
Variable Speed Control  
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand  
Whisper Quiet Motor  
Forward / Reverse Direction Control  
Emergency Stop Button  


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