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The most advanced pre rolling machine on the planet



The Holy Roller

3,000 Pre Rolls Per Hour

The Holy Roller Pre Roll machine rolls perfect joints with less than 1% deviation. Roll more pre rolls, more accurately with the Holy Roller. With friction reducing components and industry leading customizability, the Holy Roller pre roll machine provides your pre roll operation with the competitive edge.  


With multiple ways to configure the Holy Roller you can ensure it's the perfect fit for your facility. Chose between 1,2, and 4 lane configurations. 


The built in full color HMI allows a single operator to fine tune the pre-roll features that matter the most to you. Allowing you to maintain your brand image and increase revenue.

Stuff up to 3000 joints per hour.

0.3 - 1.0g

Active Weighing


Dial in the settings of the Holy Roller and chose your ideal pre-roll density. 

The Holy Roller weighs each pre-roll is 100s of times ensuring accuracy.

Engineered for the most smokeable particle size, 3mm.




Don't waste your time with pre-roll machines that don't offer flexibility. With the Holy Roller you can adjust

  • Size of your pre-roll.
  • Twist rate.
  • Trim and trim length.
  • Density.



4 Lane - Up to 3,000 per hour

2 Lane - Up to 1,500 per hour

1 Lane - Up to 500 per hour

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Pre rolls rolled with 3mm particles burn evenly and give consumers smoother, more flavorful drags. The Holy Roller pre roll machine is engineered for the perfect drag to increase the satisfaction of your clients.



More Accurate 

The Holy Roller’s Active Weighing technology weighs pre rolls in real-time as they fill. Combined with the cannabis separation technology, the Holy Roller reduces downtime spent on clogs and other consistency issues.




More Revenue

The speed and accuracy of the Holy Roller is unmatched meaning you see a return on your investment faster. Don't sacrifice your brands image conforming to other pre roll machines, with the Holy Roller you maintain the quality your customers have come to expect. 

Let’s Get Rolling

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