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Cannabis Growing and Harvesting Resources

From trimming guides to trichome developments cycles. Everything you need to be a master grower.


Growing hemp and marijuana is difficult task. Find cannabis growing information below that we have gathered from over a decade of leading the industry. No matter if your commercial large scale grower or just starting. We have guides to help cultivators of all levels.


Harvesting Guides

Industry leading insight into cannabis harvesting and marijuana cultivation. Dive into all things cannabis on our harvest blog.

GreenBroz Harvest Blog

5 min read

How to Cure Cannabis - Ultimate Cannabis Curing Guide

Curing weed is an essential step in preserving the flavor, aroma, and shelf life of you cannabis. After you harvest...
6 min read

Development Stages Of Weed Trichomes

Understanding the trichome development timeline is key to producing high-quality, intentionally balanced experiences...
6 min read

Wet Trim vs Dry Trim: Complete Guide to Trimming Weed

Few, if any cultivators look forward to the labor-intensive process of trimming cannabis. This process has...
4 min read

When To Harvest Cannabis - Growers Guide

Harvesting cannabis at its peak is crucial for maximum potency and quality. Knowing the right time to harvest your...

Video Insights

Video and interviews and guides on all things cannabis related.

GreenBroz Youtube Channel

Dry Ice Extraction

Learn the ends and outs of dry ice hash extraction to maximize potency.

How To Extract

Information on how dry sift extract hash and kief to make rosin.

Master Cultivator Interview

Cannabis industry leading information from a master grower.



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