Who Are We?

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Mission Statement

GreenBroz is committed to providing innovative industry-born harvesting systems to the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Through a commitment to detail, hard work, outstanding customer service, and fine American craftsmanship, GreenBroz is proudly helping cultivators of all shapes and sizes realize their own version of the American Dream.


Company Overview

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Keep The Control In Your Own Hands


 While your operation might not require large commercial machinery, there is always an opportunity to streamline your harvest process. Our small-scale solutions keep control in your hands, yielding a more consistent and efficient final product that reflects your hard work and dedication.

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Machinery For Next Level Operations


Ready to take your business to the next level? You've come to the right place. Boasting higher throughputs than our small-scale machines, these harvest systems have the capacity to grow with your operation as you scale. No matter if you're looking for trimming, sifting, sorting, or more, we have you covered.

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The Evolution of Automated Systems


Our high-capacity harvesting systems intuitively combine modular pieces of equipment to provide the most streamlined and cost-effective path toward process automation. By linking efficiency with efficiency, growers can get more done, faster. These systems help your operation evolve.

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Ready to Level Up Your Operation?

Our harvest professionals can provide expert consultations, product quotes, and more.

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Leadership Team


Cullen Raichart


Cullen created GreenBroz by combining a dream, minimal capital, and his garage. Through incredibly hard work and a dedication to product quality, Cullen’s vision has propelled GreenBroz to a company that is widely considered an innovative industry leader in the cannabis post-harvest space. As founder and CEO of GreenBroz, Inc., Cullen has more than 12 years' experience as an entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. A veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, Cullen is considered a distinguished inventor whose drive has earned him a reputation as a pioneer in automation in the emerging agricultural cannabis industry.


Emily Adinolfi


Emily has spent most of her career leading sales teams to success and truly enjoys serving others and seeing them prosper. She is customer service obsessed and lives by the philosophy without loyal, happy customers; there is no win. Emily leads all sales efforts for GreenBroz and is focused on seeing her team’s collective results roll up to a greater market presence for GreenBroz. She loves working with our customers and seeing how we are able to help so many achieve a more streamlined post-harvest process, all without sacrificing quality.


Jorden Blackwell


Developing Project and Process Manager with a demonstrated history in leadership and operations. A leader that is passionate about honest and candid conversations, shared goals and finding the why. Jorden identifies and articulate growth opportunities to team members and lead change through innovative thinking and creative leadership.


Isaac Raichart


As Operations Manager, Isaac oversees just about everything that goes on at the GreenBroz manufacturing warehouse. Isaac is constantly identifying ways to improve our lean manufacturing process so we can continue to produce affordable machines for our clients. After all, we’re always finding ways for our clients to streamline and become more efficient, so we work hard to take our own advice.


Eric Spendlove

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Eric leads an innovative department of ambitious engineers, who are persistently identifying opportunities to provide our clients with next-level harvesting systems. To put it mildly, GreenBroz’ engineers don’t just think outside the box, they live outside the box while planning ten different ways that box could be turned into a machine that can improve your harvesting process.