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Industry Born

Our equipment is born from the necessity for cannabis focused harvesting solutions. Cannabis is a unique flower that requires unique solutions, which is why our equipment is purpose built for the qualities and aspects that define this flower.

Our solutions feel and look different from others in the market because they are designed with your end product in mind. Our focus has been and will continue to be, aiding the cultivations, farmers, and growers that have grown the cannabis industry. 





Award Winning, Field Tested, Quality Guaranteed

Cannabis Harvesting Solutions Trusted by The Cultivator, Grower, and Farmer For More Than A Decade.

Our equipment has earned the reputation of being the best - you get the best in our trimmers, grinders, sorters, and conveyors. Cultivations require dedication, GreenBroz has been dedicated to the grower for over 10 years and will be around until the last harvest. 

It's Not Just A Flower

Its not just a machine - Its A Revolution

We have engineered our equipment to be gentler, cleaner, and more reliable, because your cultivation doesn't stop and neither should your equipment. These principles are woven into all of our solutions and baked into the foundation of GreenBroz.


With a focus on your end product, our solutions provide a more gentle approach to cannabis processing. Your product doesn't need ear plugs, vacuums, or tumble chambers and neither does ours. 


As more and more use cannabis, regulations and standards widen. That's why we only use FDA approved materials and engineer to be easy to clean and safe to operate. Our equipment can be cleaned in minutes - even power washed.


Through and through our solutions are designed to care for your product, and to care for you we design our equipment to be reliable and lasting. Our customers say our equipment is built like a tank, and we honor this with a full top to bottom 3 year warranty.

5 Star Service

Our support team is always here for you, on call or in person. We love supporting you so much that each of our machines come standard with a 3 year support warranty.


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