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Automation is the future

Step into it with GreenBroz

Our comercial harvesting systems combine modular pieces of equipment to fully automate sections of your post-harvest process. By embracing automation, your organization can standardize product quality and accelerate processing times.

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Future Proof With GreenBroz

Automation has aided every industry, from manufacturing to retail, its time the cannabis industry unlocks the power of automation. Cannabis is a unique industry, a unique flower with charecteristics that make it a challenge to work with. That's why with over a decade of experience we have created unique automation solutions that empower cultivators. 



Pre Made Automation Solutions


Automated Dry trimmer


Up to 30 pounds per hour


Can clean in less the 10 minutes


Thousands in increased revenue

M Plus_No Background2


INcrease production volume

Rise n Sort™ system w table



The Speed of Hand Sorting Easily Sort Up To 300 Lbs a Hour Endless Ways To Customize 


NONSTOP automatic grinding




Easily Grind 100 Lbs Of A Day Variable Grind Size & Feed Rates Endless Ways To Customize 

On Your Team

Automation Consultation

With over a decade of experience in cannabis cultivation we have supported many unique facilities. If you need something custom give us a call and we'll sit down with you, free of charge.

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