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The Clinic Colorado


"It is the only trimer that I will use. I've used plenty of other ones in the past, just demo'd them, and never had the results I did when I demo'd a GreenBroz."

Matthew Stafford, DTCP Operations Manager for The Clinic

"Your machine is the best I've ever seen. The absolute best I've ever seen."
- Scott Orvold - Head Grower for Empyreal Cannabis
"It's very gentle on the flowers and we're getting great results on terpene retention. It's not damaging or over-processing the flowers."
- Dr. Jade Stefano - Founder & CEO of Puffin Farm
"It's a real plus for us. It keeps the natural features of the flower intact. It's very gentle. I'm super impressed with the machine."
- Rick Padilla - Head Grower for OutCo Labs
"We started using the GreenBroz (trimmer) and pretty much the first time I fell in love with it because of how close it looked to hand trim."
- Demetrios Vurciaga - Lead Cultivator for Trill Cannabis Centers
"I've looked at the numbers and it's an enormous advantage. The ROI is incredible, on the order of thousands of percent."
- Lincoln Fish - CEO of OutCo Labs
"It's so incredibly delicate. And it's quiet. That's one of the things I absolutely love about it, how quiet it is."
- Taylor Balduff - President of Forbidden Farms
"We found that they (flowers) trimmed so incredibly well in the GreenBroz machines that there was no need to look anywhere else. They just work fantastic."
- Ketch DeGabrielle - Operations Manager for Los Suenos Farms

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