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Up to 300+ lbs per day Rapidly increase production Remove contamination
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Never Over Trimmed

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At GreenBroz, our top priority has been, and will always be your product. Our cannabis bud trimmers are designed to not round off your flower and produce a hand-trimmed finish every time. Don't tumble your product in a barrel, trim it with precision and speed. We know theres more to trimming then just speed, our cannabis trimmers save you money by not over trimming your product, allowing you to increase your margins while increasing product quality.

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Up to 300+ lbs per day Rapidly increase production Remove contamination


Trichome retention is paramount to the Rise-N-Sort System. Every piece of the machine was designed to preserve the unique quality of cannabis flower while processing pounds as fast as possible. Its minimal drop points and no-vibration operation ensures your flower comes out of the system looking pristine.


The Rise-N-Sort is comprised of two machines, the GreenBroz Precision Sorter and Rise Conveyor. The machines do not need to be used in tandem. You can apply the Rise Conveyor's metered feeding anywhere in your operation. Both machines are on wheels, so you can reconfigure your cannabis processing facility on the fly.


Sorting your flower opens up a world of new product opportunities. Allowing you to produce a uniform product and maintain brand image. Classify your cannabis product into sizes and elevate your facilities throughput of cannabis. 



Process 360 lbs an hour

Organize your cannabis into different sizes at unparalleled speed.




Customize sorting size

Adjustable sorting bands allow you to tailor each batch to your specifications.




HMI digital user interface

An intuitive touchscreen puts you in total control of your sorting speed.



180x Your Production

Ensuring the preservation of trichomes is of utmost importance to the Rise-N-Sort System. Each component of this machine has been meticulously designed to safeguard the distinct quality of cannabis flower while still processing large quantities expeditiously. With its minimal drop points and vibration-free operation, you can trust that your flower will emerge from the system in impeccable condition.

Faster sorting times allow your cannabis to spend less time in the processing phase of your cultivation. Less time being handled by your staff ensures your product retains more of its valuable trichomes and remains as close to fresh off the stem as possible.

Experience the power of effortless sorting with the touch of a finger. Our intuitive touchscreen interface puts you in complete control of your sorting speed, allowing you to effortlessly glide through your tasks with precision and ease. No more frustrating buttons or complicated controls, just a seamless and user-friendly experience that will revolutionize the way you sort.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional sorting methods and embrace the future of efficiency and accuracy. With our advanced touchscreen technology and adjustable sorting bands, sorting has never been easier or more personalized. Elevate your sorting experience and unlock a new level of productivity with our innovative sorting solution.

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Automated Cannabis Sorter Food-Grade Stainless Steel, HDPE
Up to 360 Pounds Per Hour Dimensions: 51"H x 37.25"W x 41.25"L
15 lb capacity hopper Gross Weight: 650 lbs.
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand Power: 110VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz
HMI Digital User Interface  
Variable Speed Control  
Adjustable Front Shelf  
Whisper Quiet Motors  
Forward / Reverse Direction Control  
Emergency Stop Button  
Locking Wheels  



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