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Automatic trimming to sorting system

The N-Line system pairs our gentle M+ trimming system with our Rise-N-Sort sorting system for a complete automation suite.

N-Line Cannabis Automation System

GreenBroz has been leading the cannabis industry since 2012. Providing large and small growers with efficient cannabis equipment that provides the highest quality end product. Our solutions are reliable and built to last because we know the difficulties of growing cannabis. 

Automation has been aiding agriculture industries for years. GreenBroz is bringing the efficiencies and lessons learned to the cannabis industry. With purpose build equipment and over a decade of experience in marijuana and hemp cultivation.

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Customize and repeat processing settings. Leave the guess work out of your facility and gain insights into your process like never before.

Save and repeat settings for the ultimate solution in cannabis processing. Dial in batch configurations and leading to increased profits and higher bag appeal.


This complete automation suite is designed for ultimate control. Tune every speed and duration at each step in the process.

Speeds, feeds, durations, all at your finger tips. All reported on for full control over your processing.





Automatic sorting

Automatically sorry your trimmed cannabis directly after trimming it. No need to store untrimmed bud for later processing.

With the automatic cannabis sorting capabilities of the Rise-N-Sort system your facility can elevate your processing speeds to the next level.

Automatic trimming

Save and revisit your trimming configurations for your unique strains. Stop second guessing trim speed and duration with M+ gentle trimming system.

The only bud trimmer on the market capable of a controlled trim time, by opening the and emptying the trimming chamber once fully trimmed.

Modular system

The key to this modular cannabis system is our Rise Conveyor cannabis mover. A complete full to zero feed hopper that means you fill it and can forget it. No more managing your cannabis bud conveyors.


Move 5 pounds per minute Rapidly increase your production Remove product contaminates
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