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N - Line System

first fully automated Dry Trimming & sorting system


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Unlock new levels of operating efficiency

Automate the two highest plant-touching points of your post-harvest process, trimming and sorting.



Future Proofed Materials

All materials meet GMP standard regulations to prevent microbial growth and minimize cleaning time.




 Game Changing Speed

With the N-Line, a single operator can trim and sort your cannabis at unparalleled speeds.




HMI digital user interface

An intuitive touchscreen puts you in total control of your trimming and sorting.



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Gentle on Flower

Every piece of the system was designed to preserve the unique quality of cannabis flower while processing pounds as fast as possible. Its minimal drop points, no-vibration operation, and patented trichome-safe blades ensure your flower comes out of the system looking pristine.


Free Up Staff

Automating your trimming and sorting allows you to upskill employees, move staff into other areas of your business, and gives you the power to break free from reliance on seasonal labor.


1-Sorter Table V.2-00041

Modular and Agile

The N-Line is comprised of four machines: the GreenBroz Precision Sorter, Model M dry trimmer,  and two Rise Conveyors. The machines do not need to be used in tandem. You can apply the Rise Conveyor's metered feeding anywhere in your operation. All machines in the system are on wheels, so you can reconfigure your cannabis processing facility on the fly.


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