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Fully Automated Dry Trimming



M+ Dry Trimming System

Manicure Up to 31 pounds of flower an hour

We've upgraded the speed of our industry-leading Model M trimmer. With the M+, you'll be able to process a staggering 31 pounds of dried flower an hour with the same precision that made the original Model M a legend.


Automated Dry trimmer


Up to 31 pounds per hour


Can clean in less the 10 minutes


Thousands In Additional Revenue

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M+ Academy

Videos & Resources

Check out the GreenBroz Academy where you can find videos and other resources on trimmers, grinders, sorters, and extractors.



Trichome-Safe Blades

GreenBroz’ patented rolling blades gently remove sugar leaves from buds without damaging trichomes or over-trimming flower. No vacuum or other attachment required.




Clean and Compliant

The machine's surgical stainless steel construction and food-safe conveyor belt inhibit microbial growth, minimize cleaning-related downtime, and meet GMP standard regulations.




Build Your Brand

With the M+, you can program different recipes to accommodate various cultivars. These can be standardized and shared with other units allowing your brand to maintain consistency as you scale.



Gentle on Flower

Our patented trichome-safe blades combine with the automated feeding of our Rise Conveyor to make this the most hands-off trimmer we’ve ever produced. With the M+,  you'll end up with more of your original biomass in your bags and consistent eye-pleasing buds.


Free Up Staff

The M+ can do the work of a room full of trimmers. Bringing one into your operation allows you to upskill employees, move staff into other areas of your business, and gives you the power to break free from reliance on seasonal labor.


Modular and Agile

The M+ comprised of two machines, the Model M Dry Trimmer and Rise Conveyor. You’re not limited to using the machines in tandem. You can apply the metered feeding of the Rise Conveyor anywhere in your operation. Both machines are on wheels, so you can reconfigure your operation on the fly.

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Made for the harvest

Engineered for cultivators with American labor and American materials. Never outsourced. 
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We stand behind every machine we produce with our 3-year top-to-bottom manufacturer's warranty.

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