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Gentle, Quick, Quiet


De Stemming & Grinding


Dry Sift Trichome Extractors


Automated Dry Trimmer

Set it and forget it, automatically load and unload trimmed cannabis all while having full control over trimming time.

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Fully automated, fully controlled.

Gently manicure pounds of flower per hour automatically while staying in control of trim duration.

M Plus

Automate Your Harvest

Automate the most time cosuming aspect of most cultivations while staying in complete control of trim duration and final output.


Up to 30+ lbs per hour HMI Programable Easy clean design 

Dive deep into automation

Take a peek into the feature rich automated M+






Effortlessly customize production workflows to streamline operations and maximize efficiency like never before.

The digital HMI interface allows you to interact with your machine intuitively. Granting direct access to exact speeds and reports on your system.


The only automatic trimmer that lets you dial in exactly how long your flower is trimmed.

Tune your settings and let it trim, the M+ will automatically release the perfectly trimmed flower and load in the next batch.





Maintain your quality

Control how much is trimmed per batch. The M+ and Rise Conveyor operate in tandem to ensure consistency and quality, your brand is known for.

Full control over your trimming allows your business to validate and create trim reports for greater understanding of costs.

Let's Get Started

Get in contact with our automation experts and take the first step into the future of cannabis processing.

Custom solution?

Looking for a custom solution to your unique facility? Get in touch with our harvesting automation experts for a free consultation.

Fully Automated

The N-Line system is a fully automated dry trimming to sorting cannabis processing line.