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Harvesting Solutions

Award Winning Equipment Trusted By The Farmer, Cultivator, and Home Grower For More Than A Decade


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A Solution For Every Cultivation

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M CLASS Trimmers

Award Winning Dry Trimmers

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    Our M Class dry trimmers have been engineered to be gentle, quiet, and efficient. Our  trimmers focus on being gentle with your product so that you can achieve unparalleled hand-like trim quality, not seen with other bud trimmers. With electric motors and no vacuums we keep the noise down so you use your facility how you want to without having to hear your equipment. 

4 - 32+

Trimmers from ranging 4 to 32+ pounds an hour Can clean under 10 minutes Thousands of happy cultivators worldwide


- Scott, Empyreal Cannabis

G CLASS Grinders

Perfect Grind Every time

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    G Class Marijuana Grinders take grinding to a new level of perfection. Powered by advanced electric motors and engineered for minimal noise disruption. Our grinders have exceptional speed, effortless cleaning, and cost-effectiveness, they elevate productivity and profit margins. Experience precision grinding with the G Class Grinders – where cutting-edge technology meets GreenBroz's legacy of excellence.

15 - 300+

Grinders ranging from 15 to 300 pounds a hour Variable grind size and angles Food safe stainless steel and easy to clean

GreenBroz Academy

Videos & Resources

Check out the GreenBroz Academy where you can find videos and other resources on trimmers, grinders, sorters, and extractors.

Alchemist Trichome Extractors

Turn trim into gold

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   Alchemist Trichome Solventless Extractors have earned the trust and admiration of professionals in the industry. With our cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise, we empower cultivators to unlock the full potential of their harvest, delivering exceptional quality and purity in every extraction. 

1.5 - 10


1.5 to 10 Lbs capacity No need for solvents 4 times the extraction volume

Made for the harvest

Engineered for cultivators with American labor and American materials. Never outsourced. 
6 suare


Precision sorting

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     With its user-friendly design and delicate handling, the Precision Sorter is specifically engineered to revolutionize your workflow. By effortlessly streamlining the sorting process, this cutting-edge machine maximizes efficiency, saving precious labor hours while preserving the integrity of your precious harvest. Say goodbye to the worry of damaging your delicate flowers. 

90 - 300

90 to up to 300 pounds an hour with automation Multiple configurations Drastically increase your production

In The Field With You

3 - Year Warranty

Our Equipment is built to last, and we stand by that. Each of our solutions comes standard with a 3 year top to bottom warranty. Our support specialists are standing by to assist you, day or night, rain or shine.




Increase profits, Decrease contamination

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    Our commercial automated harvesting systems offer a seamless integration of cutting-edge modular equipment, designed to revolutionize your post-harvest process. By harnessing the power of automation, your organization can achieve unparalleled efficiency, streamlining operations and ensuring consistent product quality.

Increase value Decrease downtime and contamination Increase your production

Join the growing community of 60,000+ Growers, cultivators, and farmers 


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