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Model G Industrial Weed grinder

Precision commercial Weed Grinding

The pinnacle of cannabis grinding, American made and trusted for over a decade.

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Up to 100+ lbs per day Fine tune your grind Easy clean design 
Machine Heros_Model G

The Top Industrial Weed Grinder

The Model G stands out as the premier large-scale weed grinder, expertly crafted for pre-roll production excellence.

With its commercial-grade automatic tilt control and customizable weed material size settings, all housed within a durable full stainless steel construction, the Model G positions itself as the leader in industrial cannabis milling. Offering an unmatched consistency in grind, our commercial cannabis grinder equips you with a significant edge, ensuring a uniform product batch after batch.


Pre Roll Grinder

The Model G excels as the top grinder for large-scale pre-roll, cone, and joint production, setting a new standard in the cannabis industry. Its robust design is tailored specifically for handling vast quantities of cannabis, delivering a consistent grind ideal for smooth-burning pre-rolls. Equipped with precision milling technology, it ensures the perfect particle size for even filling and packing, which is crucial for high-quality cones and joints.


Large Scale Features

The Model G industrial weed grinder is a powerhouse in commercial cannabis production, boasting a substantial hopper for uninterrupted operation and a reliable stainless steel design built for longevity. Its automatic tilt control and customizable particle size settings offer unparalleled precision, essential for diverse product offerings. The robust and efficient design ensures continuous, high-volume production with minimal downtime, making it an indispensable tool for scaling commercial cannabis operations.

mode g industrial grinder hopper

Model G

Your Next Industrial Weed Grinder

Machine Heros_Model G
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Up to 100+ lbs per day Fine tune your grind Easy clean design 


This commercial weed grinder features a milling function that removes plant stems for easy processing. This industry leading feature allows you to create a higher quality product.

Save Your Trichomes

The Model G mills buds instead of pulverizing them into powder. The resulting biomass is perfect for pre-rolled cones. In addition, delicate trichomes are safe from getting scorched thanks to the G's low friction grinding action.

Define Your Grind

The Model G's changeable oscillating sifter gives you total control over your final product. The G comes out of the box with three screens that allow you to sift material into 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" increments.


Walkthrough Video

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The Top Choice For Large Grows

With sustainability in mind, the grinder's energy-efficient operation and long-lasting stainless steel construction make it a smart investment for commercial producers looking to scale. Its ease of use and maintenance ensures that the workflow remains uninterrupted, bolstering productivity. The Model G is the definitive solution for businesses aiming to dominate the market with superior pre-rolls, cones, and joints.


A Potent Grinding Trio.



Surgical Stainless Steel

The Model G grinder boasts a premium stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and compliance with industry hygiene standards. This sturdy build withstands extensive use while facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.





Customize Your Grind Size

The adjustable grind size feature provides versatility, allowing producers to tailor the particle size to the specific needs of each batch, enhancing the quality of pre-rolls and other cannabis products. 




Low Friction Grinding

The low friction grinding technology of the Model G preserves the terpene profile and potency of the cannabis, guaranteeing a high-quality end product with a smoother grind and extended equipment life



Consistent Grind Every Time

The Model G sets the industry benchmark with its commercial-grade features, including a sizable hopper that allows for continuous operation without constant refilling. It's a time-saving asset that keeps workflow efficient and output high.

The Model G is engineered for reliability and durability, with a full stainless steel construction that can handle the demands of a busy commercial operation. Its steadfast design minimizes maintenance downtime, ensuring a relentless pace of production.

The Model G is equipped with advanced tilt control and precise particle size configurations, providing a seamless and refined user experience. Producers can expect a hassle-free process with easy-to-adjust settings that cater to varying product specifications for a diverse range of cannabis products.

The Model G large weed grinder doesn’t just perform—it outperforms, redefining what commercial entities can expect from their cannabis processing equipment.

Machine Heros_Model G - Overview


Grinder + Destemmer Food-Grade Stainless Steel
Up to 100 Pounds Per Day Dimensions: 53"H x 36"W x 50"L
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand Power: 110VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz
Changeable Grind Filters 1/8" 5/32" 3/16"
Removable Catch Tray  
Adjustable Automatic Tilt  
Variable Speed Control  
Adjustable Front Shelf  
Whisper Quiet Motor  
Forward / Reverse Direction Control  
Emergency Stop Button  



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