GreenBroz Products

The GreenBroz Tumbler



The GreenBroz Tumbler (patent pending) is the most effective, efficient, and mechanically sound device available to extract the resin from dry plant material specifically trim or waste. The design of the GreenBroz Tumbler produces an end product that is similar to the “Moroccan” style of finished material. There is no other product out there that works with as much quantity of starting material and produces a finished product as fast the GreenBroz.

Turn your Trash into Ca$h!


  • Works with hand trim, bulk trim, and machined trim
  • Processes up to 8 lbs. of starting material per cycle
  • Processing time = as little as 3 hours
  • Makes an excellent companion to an automated/power trimmer
  • Designed to stand the test of time

The GreenBroz Press


The GreenBroz Press is 12 ton hydraulic press that can finish over 1/2 lb of material at a time. The machined tolerances mean no product squeeze by, add a vanity plate (contact us for details) and your Pucks have your logo. The finished product is easy to remove.



The GreenBroz Trimmer


The GreenBroz Trimmer (Patent Pending) is the most delicate dry trimmer available today. The trimmer boasts stainless blades, built in safety features a gentle cycling action. Large capacity to process multiple pounds per hour. The GreenBroz Trimmer is the perfect companion for any size operation wanting to increase productivity from 1 lb per 8 hour shift to 16 plus lbs. The GreenBroz Trimmer produces a product that in many cases rivals hand trimming.



The Trimmer

30 Second video

Micro buds bottom of bag

Short normal bud demo

Normal to small

Trimmer Manual

The GreenBroz Chiller

This little beauty replaces the need to use dry ice. Dry which is a danger to those who handle it. This liquid CO2 injection mechanism lowers the internal temperature of the Tumbler or any sealed Kief extractor to -40C. Increasing quality, yield and decreasing time.




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