215 Dry Trimmer

Gentle. Quick. Quiet





215 Dry Trimmer

Gentle. Quick. Quiet

The GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer is designed to closely mimic the act of hand trimming your harvest while increasing the consistency and efficiency of your harvest process.

Our patented blade design allows for the gentle rolling of the flower maintaining the natural curves and preserving the cannabinoid profile.

Turn your perfectly preserved trim from our GreenBroz Dry Trimmers into further profit in an instant with the Alchemist 215!
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  • Patented Blade Design
  • Gentle Rolling Action


Quick Results

  • 4+ Pounds Per Hour
  • You Control the Finish



  • Minimal noise polution
  • Low Power usage

Made In The USA

Assembled by Hand

We are Veteran owned, committed to fine American craftsmanship, top-of-the-line machine engineering, and exceptional customer service. We’re extremely proud to say that our machines are made in the USA. We pride ourselves on stimulating our local economy, hiring Veterans whenever possible, and constantly working to provide industry-leading harvesting equipment to America's next great industry.


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Machine Specifications

  • Trim Rate: 2-4 Pounds Per Hour
  • Construction: Surgical grade 316 Stainless Steel, Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, HDPE, Nylon 6/6
  • Weight: 62 Pounds w/ stand
  • Whisper Quiet Motor
  • Dimensions: 18.63“W x 24.12“L x 16.75“H
  • Dimensions w/ Stand: 19”W x 25"L x 21.5"H
  • Power: 110VAC, 60Hz .5A 55W (US)
  • Power: 220VAC, 50Hz .25A 55W (International)
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Speed: 20 Revolutions Per Minute
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Tabletop Stand Included
  • Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • *All GreenBroz machines can be made compatible with international power requirements.
215 Dry Trimmer Spec Sheet
215 Dry Trimmer Press Release

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Gentle. Quick. Quiet.

The industry's favorite tabletop dry trimmer.

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At Sira Naturals, Inc., we love the GreenBroz company! Everything is made in the USA. We have been customers for the last 4 years and have an excellent relationship. They are always responsive and go above and beyond to make sure we have the support we need.
Lisa Jordan
Processing Manager | Sira Naturals, Inc.
The GreenBroz Precision Sorter is one of the most important machines in our arsenal. It is the first step in all of our packaged cannabis production and an integral tool for the purchasing of raw goods. It saves us countless hours every day.
Jake Hendrickson
Co-Founder/Managing Partner - lbs. Distribution
In the 40 years I've been in the industry, I've seen a lot of change. But the one thing that doesn't change is the need for quality partners to work with. People who care about your success as much as you do. GreenBroz is one of those companies. Made in the USA, Veteran-owned, they create a quality product that helps us as cultivators create a finished product that works in the market of today.
Kevin Jodrey
Cannabis Expert