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Cannabis Tech Inventor Prepares for Boom

To match the projected $92 billion tax revenue from cannabis sales into US economy, one innovator sees the need for a leap in technology to help independent companies prosper. (Read More)

Eye These Top Elements to Help Master Your Cannabis Marketing Strategy

The challenges are greater than ever for today’s cannabis marketers to navigate the evolving landscape of platforms, regulations, and consumer trends while providing engaging, valuable content to the intended target audience. (Read More)

Heavy Metal: GreenBroz Founder & CEO Cullen Raichart Loves to Disrupt

Our overall focus has shifted from making stand-alone machines for specific purposes to creating integrated systems that allow businesses to scale. We are looking to the needs of that end user and how we can maximize efficiency and throughput. (Read More)

5 Reasons You Need to Automate Your Cannabis Harvest Now

There has never been a more crucial time to automate your cannabis operation. With the COVID-19 crisis settling in for the long haul, businesses are starting to think about how to increase efficiency and profit, while operating a facility safely and comfortably for workers and managers. (Read More)

How to Automate Your Cannabis Harvest Without Damaging Your Flower

It’s 2020, and automation is already a standard operating procedure in most large-scale industries with consumer packaged goods. It’s only natural that the cannabis industry, one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, would start to catch up with the rest of the commercial enterprise. (Read More)

Meet GreenBroz North America

Everything that we have used in our products has been recyclable. We use high-density polyethylene that's untreated for that very reason. So that can go into reuse easily; same with the aluminum and the stainless steel. And for a reason, we not only want to build the best machines possible, but we want to do it the right way and be stewards of our environment whenever we can make it happen. (Read More)


Building a Twinkie Machine for the Cannabis Industry

Raichart started in the industry as a grower, but he quickly realized that he had “brown thumbs.” However, he was a design engineer by trade and found new opportunities to make machinery for friends and fellow growers.  (Read More)

Heroes Among Us - The Best Leaders Identify Their Weaknesses

One of the most important things to identify about yourself as a leader is your weakness. Find someone who’s proficient in that area and delegate. Secondly, I would say listen to your employees. They are on the front lines every day. If they say there is a problem listen and help them find a solution. The principle role of leadership is removing obstacles so the team can operate at peak efficiency. (Read More)

Cullen Raichart of GreenBroz Inc: 5 Lessons I Learned From My Military Experience

 There’s a kind of synergy that develops where each person is doing the task they are specialized in, but it all gets kind of put together seamlessly as a whole. This is how I run my business. We are specialists to a degree, but we are cogs in the same wheel. It doesn’t turn if each member of the team is not engaged. (Read More)


An Update on Cannabis Trimming Technology

You always need to keep your bottom line in mind, Raichart says, but the most important thing is to make sure every part of your production process adds value and does not reduce the value of the flower. (Read More)

Get the 411 on the Way Machines Revolutionized 420 Harvesting

It’s this really gentle flower and you can’t beat it up. You have got to dry it the right way. You got to harvest it the right way. You want to treat it very gently and appropriately and that has been our biggest focus: we say gentle, quick, quiet -- those are the hallmarks of what we do. (Read More)

A Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Industry Automation

Being able to scale at the right time for your business and not skip a beat when it comes to expansion is not just desirable; it's essential for many companies' survival. Automating can provide a leg up for these businesses and give them an opportunity to up their production capabilities instantly. (Read More)


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