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Bud Sorter

3 min read

Natural Looking Bud –is a good thing

Cannabis and aesthetic appeal tend to go hand in hand in today’s saturated legal market. And while consumers are ultimately always after good bud,...

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4 min read

Trimming and Sorting for the Future

When it comes to best practices in post-harvest production, cannabis professionals hold a variety of strong opinions. However, the growth and...

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4 min read

The Future of Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

The evolution of cannabis cultivation has played out as a consistent struggle to incorporate the tried and true small-scale growing techniques...

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5 min read

Maximize Your Cannabis Harvest With Automated Sorting

With the amount of care and attention that goes into growing a high-quality cannabis plant that’s potent and bursting with aromatic terpenes, it’s...

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2 min read

End-to-End Automation

To thrive in this industry, cannabis producers need to produce high-quality, distinctive products — while protecting their bottom lines.

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