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Maximize Your Cannabis Harvest with Automated Sorting

With the amount of care and attention that goes into growing a high-quality cannabis plant that’s potent and bursting with aromatic terpenes, it’s not surprising that so many cultivators aren’t interested in bringing automated machinery into their operations. But once cultivators acknowledge that time is the real enemy, speeding up the sorting process while taking great caution to preserve the plant’s desirable compounds is the natural solution.

Poor experiences with vibrating sorters that rip trichomes off their carefully cured nugs have left a lasting impression on the industry, but rough equipment is not the only way to speed up the sorting process. Today’s best sorting machines can sort 1.5 pounds of raw plant material (or more) every minute while protecting the delicate and coveted compounds responsible for the quality and ultimately the price of the final product.

Learn how you can speed up your sorting process without the human touchpoints or mechanical vibrations that degrade the quality of your cannabis in this helpful guide.

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