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cookies and greenbroz

2 min read

The Grinder Cookies Uses

In Humboldt County's green expanses, Jonah Carrington is changing the cannabis game with the GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder. From his Santa Cruz...

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4 min read

5 Elements of a Perfect Pre-Roll

Whether they are packed by hand or machine, a pre-roll cone smokes better when it's packed evenly and finished symmetrically. Experienced consumers...

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4 min read

A Pivotal Moment for the Pre-Roll Market

With over 600 pre-roll brands vying for business in the state of California alone, cannabis producers are pressed to gain relevance in a highly...

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5 min read

Quality and Quantity: Producing Pre-Rolls in an Expanding Market

There are currently more than 600 pre-roll labels operating nationally without any single brand dominating more than three percent of the market....

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