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The Grinder Cookies Uses

The Grinder Cookies Uses

In Humboldt County's green expanses, Jonah Carrington is changing the cannabis game with the GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder. From his Santa Cruz roots to leading the Cookies Humboldt Campus, Carrington's passion for cannabis has always driven innovation. Now, with the Model G, he's setting new standards for quality and consistency in cannabis production. This isn't just about growing plants—it's about shaping the future of the industry, where precision meets passion in every grind.

Starting out in Cannabis

Jonah Carrington, the General Manager for Cookies' Humboldt campus, has been part of the cannabis world for over twenty years. Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, cannabis was a big part of his life. "Cannabis has always been a big part of my identity," he says. When the chance came to join the legal cannabis industry, he jumped at it. "That was something I couldn't pass up."

He is not just any player in the cannabis industry; he's at the heart of it. As a founding member and owner of the Cookies Humboldt Campus at One Log, Carrington has been a driving force in shaping the cannabis landscape over the last five years. He's been hands-on with the on-site buildout and operations of Cookies' presence in Humboldt County, a testament to his dedication and leadership in the field.

Struggles of Cannabis Production

One of the biggest headaches in making cannabis products is keeping things consistent. "Trying to create consistency out of an extremely inconsistent product," as Carrington puts it. He and his team tackle this challenge with a mix of hard work, automation, self-discipline, and a lot of trial and error. "Having good people, who genuinely care about the product, makes all the difference," Carrington explains. Every mistake is a chance to learn. "Even a loss can be a win, if you learn from it."

Making a Consistent Product

The GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder has been a major help in their work. Carrington calls it a "game changer" for making pre-rolls. Before, pre-rolls could be dry and not so nice to smoke. But with the Model G, they can grind the cannabis just right, based on how wet or dry it is. This not only doubles their daily output but also makes a much nicer product. "The days of dried out dusty pre-rolls are over," he says. For Carrington, the best thing about the Model G is how it lets them precisely dial in the speed and size of the grind. This means they can make lots of different kinds of products, all high quality.



Future of Cannabis

Looking to the future of cannabis industry, Carrington, like most of us, is excited and a bit worried. He's really looking forward to federal legalization of cannabis, because it means the Cookies team can make products more consistently across the states. But he's also worried that cannabis might become too generic, mass-produced. He hopes it stays special, with strains staying unique and potent. "That's why, specifically, designing automation for the inconsistencies of the cannabis plant is going to continue to be a crucial piece of the puzzle."

In short, the GreenBroz Model G is more than just a piece of machinery. It's a key part of making sure cannabis products are good quality and consistent. As we move forward, technology like this, combined with a real passion for cannabis, will be vital. Carrington and his team at Cookies' Humboldt are leading the way, showing how it's done.