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Are Machine Trimmers Worth It?

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As the cannabis industry continues to thrive, cultivators and business owners are constantly seeking ways to optimize their processes and boost profits. One often marjor aspect of the cultivation journey is the trimming phase. Traditionally, hand trimming has been the norm, but with advancements in technology, machine trimmers like the ones offered by have gained significant traction. While the benefits of machine trimming in terms of speed are well-known, what many fail to realize is the substantial return on investment (ROI) that these trimming machines can bring beyond just time-saving capabilities. In this article, we'll delve into the hidden ROI of dry trimmers, going beyond the obvious and exploring how these trimming machines can lead to significant financial gains.



Hand trimming is the time tested art of delicately shaping each bud by hand, carefully removing any unwanted foliage. This meticulous process has stood the test of time, consistently producing excellent results despite its slow pace. However, it requires dedicated trimmers, ample time, and a great deal of patience to achieve the best possible outcome.



One of the major advantages of utilizing the hand trimming technique is the exceptional quality and appearance of the final product. Each individual bud receives a customized trim that accentuates its finest attributes, allowing them to shine brilliantly. Hand trimming is known for its precision, it's an art. 



The drawback of hand trimming lies in the extensive time and concentration required to achieve a high standard. When faced with a large quantity of buds to process, hand trimming becomes not only tedious and time-consuming but also costly. This necessitates the hiring and employment of trimmers, adding to the expenses and complexities involved in hand trimming the product. As demand and love for cannabis has increased, so has the demand for speed and precision. This puts pressure on growers, cultivators, and farmers, to require more from their trimmers. Turing this art form into a chore, and losing some of the beauty and craftsmanship.



With the soaring demand for cannabis, processing technology has undergone significant advancements. Now, there are specialized machines available that can efficiently trim your cannabis. These machines come in various sizes, speeds, costs, and qualities, and now even offered in fully automated systems. However, the latest trimming machines are capable of trimming several pounds of flower per hour, making the hiring of hand trimmers completely unnecessary.



One of the key advantages of utilizing a machine trimmer in the cannabis industry is the incredible speed at which you can process your product. With top-of-the-line commercial trimmers capable of processing up to 30 pounds of cannabis per hour, it's clear that machine trimming is far more time efficient than traditional hand trimming methods. But time savings are not the only thing that make choosing a machine trimmer such an appealing option for more and more cultivators.


Consistency and Quality

Hand trimming, while meticulous, can sometimes result in inconsistencies due to human error which stem from time crunches and heavy workloads required by modern cannabis practices. With certain dry bud trimming machines you not only see increased speed but also quality and consistnecy, this is dependent on the design of the trimmer. For example, GreenBroz encourages you to work with your flower resulting in a higher quality end product because you control the trim level. Other machine trimmers usually focus only on speed rather than quality, boasting claims of up to 120 pounds an hour.

This is why it's so important to understand the full picture when calculating ROI. It's not just about speed, it's about having a trimmed bud that your customers want to use. Although working with a machine trimmer may seem counter-intuitive when trying to save time, its not the case, since you are still able to process a larger amount of product at once.


Reduced Labor Costs

Hand trimming is a labor-intensive process that requires a dedicated team of trimmers if you are a large operation, or in the case of a home grower, time away from things that matter most. This is where you will see additional profit increases with machine dry trimmers. By investing in a high-quality trimming machine like the Model M or M Lite, you're making a one-time payment that eliminates the need for recurring expenses. This shift from recurring labor expenses to a fixed equipment cost can lead to substantial long-term savings.


Cannabis flower that is almost ready to be trimmed
Cannabis flower that is almost ready to be trimmed


Increased Throughput

While the speed of machine trimming is an obvious benefit, it translates into more than just getting the job done quickly. The increased throughput that machine trimmers offer, means that you can process a larger volume of cannabis in a shorter span of time. Think of this as not only being able move faster, but move faster with a heavier load.This becomes particularly advantageous during peak harvesting seasons when time is of the essence. The quicker you can trim and process your cannabis, the faster it can move through the supply chain and reach the market, ultimately generating revenue sooner. 


Sustainability and Waste Reduction

Another aspect of ROI that often goes unnoticed is the reduction in waste achieved by machine trimming. Hand trimming can inadvertently lead to the loss of valuable trichomes and cannabinoids, becuase the trimmings are not automatically collected in a trim chamber or trim catch. By collecting all of the trimmings using a machine trimmer you can then process the trimmings by making extracts or CBD solutions (more on extracts). This reduction in waste not only adds to your profits but also aligns with sustainable cultivation practices, making your business more environmentally friendly. 



While machine trimmers have gained popularity in the cannabis industry for their speed and efficiency, there are some drawbacks to consider. One issue is the potential for damaged buds. This is why it's crucial to use a  trimmer that you work with to produce your ideal level of trim.

Another factor to consider is the cost of machine trimmers. Smaller models can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, but larger ones can become pricey . The upfront cost can be recouped quickly if you're trimming a large quantity of cannabis and no longer need to hire trimmers. However, if you're only dealing with a personal stash, it may be more cost-effective to trim by hand and save your money.


Wet VS Dry and strains

Another component to not over look is whether you want to dry trim or wet trim. This is a decision that's dependent for each cultivation and is another factor to not over look, more on wet vs dry trimming

Strain of your product is an important factor to consider as well.  Strains that are more sticky, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue, will perform differently than less sticky strains. So keep in mind that you want a machine trimmer that you can work with to monitor your product, since no one knows it better then you.


Are Machine Trimmers worth it?

If you are home grower with a personal stash then we recommend hand trimming otherwise if you have to a cultivation with time crunches and valued customers to keep happy then its an overwhelming yes!

Machine Trimmers

  • Are faster then hand trimming in most cases.
  • Reduce trim waste.
  • Allow you to produce higher quality at higher rates like in the case of GreenBroz marijuana trimmers