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The Best Dry Trimming Machine

The Best Dry Trimming Machine
A cannabis dry trimming machine is the ultimate symbol of innovation in the cannabis industry. In fact, forward-thinking cultivation facilities understand that automation is more than an inevitability — it’s the path to a thriving business.

That’s because today’s cannabis tech allows growers to offer a consistent, high-quality product - in addition to an incredibly streamlined production process to save time. But when it comes to providing artisan-quality results that affect potency, one bud trimmer is a cut above the rest: the GreenBroz Model M Dry Trimmer.

Why Buy a Dry marijuana Trimming Machine?

Before we dive into why the GreenBroz Model M is the best dry trimmer for innovative cultivators, let’s settle the pros and cons of the wet trim vs dry trim debate.

Dry trimmers are better at preserving the flower, ensuring that you maintain the quality of your flower and that quality gets passed down to your customers. Cultivators know that wet trimming negatively impacts the "nose" of their flower, often resulting in that “wet grass” or hay-like smell. Wet trimmers reduce the overall quality and consumer experience of the harvest you've worked so hard to perfect.

If you value the purity of your product, it’s crucial that you don’t settle for anything other than a dry trimmer.  

Lets talk quality

Investing in a commercial trimmer is a significant decision for any cannabis business, whether they are just starting out or expanding to an automated operation. While there are many trimmers available that can produce a quality trim, it is essential to consider more than just the physical design. When considering different trimmer options, businesses should carefully assess the practices and policies of various trimmer brands. Before making the investment in expensive equipment, it is crucial to establish a trusting and reliable relationship and read testimonials with the manufacturer of the machine.

Automated systems

Many brands now offer almost entirely automated systems that replace the labor of a room full of workers. These automated systems offer a seamless flow of cannabis buds, ensuring consistency across various harvesting locations. Not only can they effectively sort buds by size like in the case of the Rise-N-Sort Automated Cannabis Sorter from GreenBroz, but they also have the capability to collect kief. By incorporating an automated system, cannabis businesses can significantly improve their efficiency, increase their capacity, and ultimately boost their profits. Even if your business is not yet ready to invest in a complete system, opting for a trimmer with integrative potential can still prove advantageous. For businesses dedicated to dry trimming, an automated system can rival the efficiency of wet trimming, providing a streamlined and effective solution.

Horizontal or vertical feed

When it comes to commercial trimmers for cannabis businesses, there are two main types to choose from: horizontal feed trimmers and vertical feed trimmers. Horizontal trimmers, also known as tumblers, and vertical trimmers, sometimes called tabletop trimmers, offer different design options for cultivators.  The Greenbroz Model M Dry Trimmer represents a vertical trimmer model. It's important to note that neither type of trimmer is inherently superior, so it's crucial to explore different designs and select the trimmer that best suits your facility. However, a key aspect of trimming is being able to keep your eye on the bud as it is dry trimmed, this is why the Model M Dry Trimmer from GreenBroz has a clear lid and allows the cultivator to watched there bud be trimmed instead of tumbled.

Size and capacity

When considering which commercial trimmer to purchase for your cannabis business, it is crucial to take into account the potential growth of your company. While larger trimmers can efficiently process larger quantities of flower, or even automated systems being able to processes non stop for hours. It is also important to consider the specific limitations and requirements of your facility. Some trimmers are designed to fit through standard doorways and fit on tables, or equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Depending on your specific needs, it may be more beneficial to invest in multiple smaller trimmers instead of one large bud trimming machine.



Introducing the Model M Dry Trimmer

The GreenBroz Model M is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by offering consistency, efficiency, and high-quality results all in one machine.

Our patented blade technology works through two counter-rotating blades with curved slots that finely manicure your flower. This unique setup is more than just soothing to watch: while other machines toss and damage plants, the Model M’s gentle rolling action was specifically designed to protect the structure of your flower and preserve trichomes like hand-trimming.

Plus, our impeccable machine was designed to be fast, with the ability to produce 8-12 pounds per hour, conservatively. In one day, you can run up to 100 pounds of flower with just one bud trimmer, making it the must-have machine for large cultivators.  

The best DRY Trimming machine

Our Model M Dry Trimming machine was designed to reduce human error and allow you to trim flowers with extreme precision - a necessity for large cultivators dealing with one of the most high-value agricultural products in the world.

One worry with automated machines is over-trimming - a consequence of weed trimming machines that operate by simply chucking product ‘in one end and out the other,’ giving you no control over the quality of the product. With the Model M, the operator can decide when it’s done, so there’s no unnecessary over-trimming.

And remember, when you’re dealing with raw material this expensive and in such large amounts, accuracy is everything. That’s why it’s so crucial that, in addition to bringing your customers consistently hand-manicured looking product, an efficient machine like the Model M Dry Trimmer allows large cultivators to get the most from their harvest.

Of course, every aspect of the machine was designed to streamline your production process - even the whisper-quiet motor allows users to talk and listen to music while it’s operating. That means no loud vacuums or other clunky attachments - our Model M is made to fit seamlessly into your facility. 

Intuitive Controls

Our cannabis and hemp trimming machine offers a forward/reverse switch, adjustable speed control, and an adjustable timer. With these simple, intuitive controls, operating is easier than ever, saving you precious time and labor. 

Streamline Every Step

To limit contamination in hard-to-reach corners, the Model M Dry Trimmer was designed with a motor sealed in a waterproof compartment and a control panel outside the machine, allowing for quick disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. Cleaning can be as simple as removing the control panel and washing down the machine. And, the blades are easy to load, unload, and clean.

Worry-Free Bud Trimmer

Worried about increasingly strict compliance standards? The Model M Dry Trimmer was designed to specifically meet GMP and international regulatory standards, constructed with surgical-grade stainless steel anywhere the blades touch the plant, so you can rest assured that your machine is durable enough to stand the test of time. Additionally, the electrical box is UL and CE-rated. We’re also proud to say that every GreenBroz machine is manufactured in the US, and our products are designed and precision-tooled by cannabis industry experts.

What do all these elite features add up to? That it’s finally possible to protect your bottom line without sacrificing hand-manicured quality. All you have to do is choose GreenBroz’s Model M Dry Trimmer for your facility. Contact us to learn more about one of the most innovative inventions in the cannabis industry.