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Mission Statement

GreenBroz Inc. is committed to providing industry-leading automated harvesting solutions for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Through a commitment to detail, hard work, outstanding customer service, and fine American craftsmanship, GreenBroz is helping cultivators of all shapes and sizes realize their own version of the American Dream.

Company Overview

Founded 2012

HQ in Las Vegas, NV

Size: <40 Employees

Shipping to all 50 States

Thousands of Machines Sold

International Distribution

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33,500+ Page Likes

27,400+ Followers

1,100+ Subscribers

Alchemist 420 Extractor

420ALCH-1200x800-1 420-Dry-Trimmer26 Trim-Bin Inner-Chamber-2 Screen-on-Machine Side-Lock Lock-Close Screen-on-Machine-2

Precision Capper

GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Hero-1 GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Detail-1 GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Detail-2 GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Detail-4 GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Detail-5 GreenBroz-Precision-Capper-Detail-6

Rise Conveyor

GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Hero-Image-900x600-1 GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Detail-Image-1 GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Detail-Image-2 GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Detail-Image-4 GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Detail-Image-3 GreenBroz-Rise-Conveyor-Detail-Image-5

Machine Spec Sheets

Model M Dry Trimmer Spec Sheet

Precision Sorter Spec Sheet

420 Alchemist Spec Sheet

Rise Conveyor Spec Sheet

215 Dry Trimmer Spec Sheet

Precision Capper Spec Sheet

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