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Like it or not, more and more cannabis cultivators are incorporating machines into their production processes - even smaller, artisan growers. And it’s obvious why: the cannabis industry has gotten so competitive that cultivators of all sizes need to invest in machinery to save time, labor, and lower costs.

With wholesale prices predicted to plummet, it’s imperative that smaller cultivators find ways to streamline production - without sacrificing the quality of their product, of course. That’s where our 215 Dry Trimmer comes in.

Why Automation?

Small to medium-sized grows: it’s time for you to incorporate automation into your production. The good news is, that’s exactly why we developed the 215 Dry Trimmer. Our tabletop trimmer is designed to help small to medium operations like yours eliminate human error, and more importantly, reduce the risk of contamination from mold, and other pathogens. Plus, our table bud trimmers offer a level of consistency and control that will help you achieve even more potent, high-quality products.

The purity of your harvest aside, streamlining your production process also makes your operation that much more cost-effective and efficient. If you’re a producer focused on growing fresh, potent plants, then automation will help you put your time and energy right where it should be.


Introducing the 215 Dry Trimmer

First, let’s go over what makes the 215 Dry Trimmer so special: it operates on only 25 watts of power and weighs a light 35 pounds. In addition to featuring food-grade, stainless steel blades, the housing is constructed using food-safe HDPE. Plus, the entire cutting surface can be cleaned in 5-10 minutes in between strains.

And when it comes to output, our portable tabletop trimmer can process an amazing 2-4 pounds per hour with a motor so quiet, you can listen to music while operating it. Best of all, our dry trimmer keeps the trim’s trichomes intact and pure, opening up the possibility of high-quality trichome extraction.

Why You Need to Invest in Table Top Trimmers

The biggest concerns for small cultivators are time and labor. Cannabis processing is so time-consuming, and it’s even harder for small operations with a small number of employees. Thankfully, automation will simplify the most time-intensive tasks. But what makes the 215 dry trimmer so revolutionary is its incredible versatility.

Simply put, the 215 can meet the small cultivator halfway by customizing the dry trimming process to fit your preferences. If you’d like to put the finishing touches on your flower, you can trim 80% of the way with the trimmer, and then finish by hand. Or, if you want a more hands-on approach, you can trim your flower 50% of the way and finish with hand trimming. Regardless, many of our clients claim that the results are almost identical to hand-trimmed quality flowers.

The 215 Dry Trimmer is a tabletop trimmer, so it’s portable and compact enough to seamlessly integrate into your operation.


Why You Need to Invest in Table Top Trimmers

Do you consider your business to be part of the hand-trimmed niche market? The good news is that automation can still help you preserve the quality of your product. GreenBroz dry trimmers won’t reshape your flower substantially - there’s no cutting of the buds, instead the blunt blades work in a pinching and pulling motion to remove the sugar leaf that preserves the flower’s shape and the trichomes in the trim.

You’ve invested precious time, labor, and resources into little details like growing conditions, nutrition, and a million other things - don’t get bogged down by labor-intensive, endless tasks like hand trimming. And don’t fall for other myths like, “artisan results can only come from exclusively hand trimming.” In the hyper-competitive reality of the Cannabis industry, it’s time to welcome innovative tools like the 215 Dry Trimmer with open arms.

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